turn empathy into action

Social Sense is an immersive theatrical production designed to create empathy.  By capturing the stories of individuals that we come in contact with every day (yet don't know) and showing their stories as live dramatic theatrical journeys, Social Sense connects each of us to one another, and gives us the opportunity to learn about and impact each other in the most positive ways.  From the program's Creative Directors who will share their stories to the visitors who will experience those stories, Social Sense fosters empathy, a new form of workforce development, and a pipeline for jobs and activism.


How does Social Sense achieve this?  


For the past year, our internal team has been working with government stakeholders in New York City to build a comprehensive team to execute this considerable undertaking.  The objective is to transform a 100,000 sq. ft. empty warehouse into an immersive theatrical production, and create the conditions for individuals who are confronting serious challenges to share their stories with the widest demographical audience imaginable.  By showing individual's stories as immersive theatre, we believe our visitors will become more compassionate, empathetic and active in taking on our world's greatest challenges.

The stories in Social Sense come from real people living in our five boroughs. The program allows these individuals to tell their stories in a safe environment by surrounding them with a supportive team of writers, directors, social workers, mental health professionals and partner organizations.  At the same time, Social Sense allows these individuals to participate in a new form of workforce development as they become part of the world's first project-based learning, interactive theatrical production.  

Social Sense is a platform to drive positive impact.  It is designed as an ongoing program to engage, inspire and build a more connected and empathetic world.

Follow the links below for more information on the Experience and our new model for Workforce Development: