Social Sense Pilot Plan Execution:


The Collab-Orators will run a pilot program for Social Sense in its new facility in Brooklyn. The pilot program will identify the necessary structures and support needed prior to initiating full scale production.

May 2019:   Identify five individuals to take part in the Pilot Program. Individuals will be paid for their time and work in departments of the production, gaining access to 21st Century Skills.  During this time, we will identify key areas where we will need to plug in support specific to individuals’ needs, conscious about the risk of retraumatization.


June 2019:    Story development and script writing. Individuals will work with teams (director, writer, psychologist) to tell their story.  These sessions will be documented. Once their story has been documented, individuals will be asked to co-write a script with a writer that will be translated into an immersive theatrical experience.  


July-Sept 2019:   Production. During this time, teams will come together to develop immersive content for a pilot production of Social Sense. The five individuals will have the opportunity to work on the production in departments they find most interesting.  They will be able to change departments throughout the production if they like. The skills they acquire will be part of a series of project-based programs designed to teach the skills required of 21st century jobs.


Oct 2019:   Pilot Premier. The Premier will be by invitation and include all the partners involved.  The premiere will be documented, and the lessons learned throughout the engagement will inform the next phase of development.  

Social Sense Full Production Timeline (Goals):


November (2019):  Pilot Program Evaluation: A Deep Dive  


December (2019):  Pre-Production


Jan-June (2020):    Social Sense Creative Directors Program. Identify, and develop stories for the production.

June-Nov (2020):   Build Experience


November (2020):  Social Sense Opens day after Thanksgiving